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If you’ve never hidden your IP I am sure you are asking what is a Proxy or VPN. Let’s answer the first most obvious question. Are a Proxy and a VPN the same thing? NO! So what’s the difference between a Proxy and VPN?

Firstly let’s look at a Proxy. A Proxy is basically another computer that acts as a “middleman” for information on the internet. For example say you wish to browse a webpage anonymously, your computer sends the request for that webpage to the Proxy (other computer, server) which then gathers the information you want (the website) and relays it back to your computer. When you use a proxy the website records the information from the proxy and not your computer, i.e.; it records the proxy’s IP address and not yours which means accessing that website was safe and anonymous for you.

A VPN on the other hand which stands for Virtual Private Network connects your home computer with another network (usually owned by a company) to allow you to access the internet through a “virtual tunnel” away from websites and hackers that could get your real IP address. As soon as you start up your VPN software your IP address and personal information is hidden by the software which replaces it with an anonymous IP address. So basically a VPN provides a tunnel and encryption.

So which one should you choose to use? We recommend using a VPN service. VPN services are more popular than using a Proxy and it’s easy to see why. With a Proxy your relying on a server to hide your IP address when you access webpages or information from the internet whereas with a VPN your IP is already replaced with an anonymous IP address before you even access any webpages or information.

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