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We have reviewed the top ten VPN software programs comparing prices, payment options, software features, server locations, customer service and reliability. Here’s our review for VyprVPN VPN software.


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Vypr offer two VPN packages, a premium package for $14.99 which includes an extra feature of offering their software on android devices and iOS devices or a standard package for $9.99. VyprVPN also offer an additional service of an NAT firewall designed to offer extra security for it’s users.

Payment Options

VyprVPN accept all major credit cards through a secure online checkout.


VyprVPN is easy to setup, activate and use and maintains good speeds while the VPN program protects the user’s privacy while browsing the internet.

Software Features

VyprVPN software was easy to use with accessible settings, their standard features pack is ample for any user, their platinum pack would only need to be purchased if you wished to use the software on an android or iOS device.

Server Locations

VyprVPN offer over 200,000 different IP’s from 15 different countries including USA, Asia, Canada, Denmark, Europe, France, Germany.

Customer Service

VyprVPN offer 24/7 customer support via online contact form with an extremely fast turn around response time of only fifteen minutes. VyprVPN also provide FAQ sheets and set up guides for their software. VyprVPN also have live chat available on their website.

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