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We have reviewed the top ten hide IP address VPN software programs comparing prices, payment options, software features, server locations, customer service and reliability. Here’s our review for Smart Hide VPN software.

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SmartHide offers multiple subscription packages which unfortunately could be quite confusing to any potential customer inexperienced with VPN software. SmartHide subscriptions range from $9.97 for a VPN that provides IP’s from European countries only, $14.98 for a VPN that provides IP’s from the United States only, $19.96 for a VPN package that provides IP’s from two continents or $49.97 for a VIP subscription which offers IP’s from Germany, France, Great Britain, Netherlands and USA.

Payment Options

SmartHide offer standard payment options including Paypal, major credit cards and bank transfer.


SmartHide VPN is an easy to use VPN program and easy to activate. While the SmartHide VPN software is quite reliable the website only promises to deliver high speed connection so you may experience a slight speed loss to your regular connection.

Software Features

SmartHide while an easy to use VPN program only offers a limited range of IP’s and does not offer an extension range of IP’s to choose from like most other VPN services we reviewed.

Server Locations

SmartHide VPN software offered one of the most limited range of server locations of the ten VPN programs we reviewed. Their standard service only supplying IP’s from one continent, while even their VIP package offered very little diversity.

Customer Service

SmartHide offers online ticket submission for support of their software as well as an extensive knowledge base and troubleshooter on their website.

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