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We have reviewed the top ten VPN software programs comparing prices, payment options, software features, server locations, customer service and reliability. Here’s our review for Hide The IP VPN software.


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Hide The IP offers three different subscriptions starting from $29.95 for their standard subscription, $39.95 for their professional subscription which includes antivirus and malware protection. Lastly Hide The IP offers a platinum package for $69.95 which includes SSL Support, streaming support and higher speeds than their standard subscription. We are rating Hide The IP’s prices at three out of five stars as having fast speeds using their VPN service requires a platinum subscription where as most other VPN companies offer this as standard.

Payment Options

Hide The IP have standard range of payment options accepting Paypal and credit cards.


Hide The IP VPN software is easy to setup and activate however if you want good speeds using this VPN program you will need to purchase the platinum subscription, the standard subscription has lower speeds.

Software Features

Hide The IP VPN software is very easy to use however their website states it only covers anonymity while browsing, it does not mention that this VPN works in conjunction with internet based programs. If your looking for a VPN to provide anonymity with programs this is not the VPN to use.

Server Locations

Hide The IP unfortunately doesn’t make this information available on their website. Hide The IP website simply states there are “hundreds of IP’s to choose from”, country locations of their servers is not supplied on their website.

Customer Service

Hide The IP offers minimum customer service only offering their customers online ticket support. The website does not state how long it takes to receive a reply.

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